What Do You Eat?! Vol. 25 – Baba Ghanoush


What a weird name for this plant. I mean, it’s not an egg, obviously. It tastes nothing like an egg. It doesn’t really look like an egg. Okay, I just looked it up. I guess early forms of this plant were yellow and looked more egg-like. Also in England they’re called Aubergines? Super weird.


When it comes to eggplants, I’ve really only met two types of people. People who hate eggplant or people who like eggplant. Mostly people who hate eggplants. My first experience with eggplant was eggplant parmesan. Which I was super into, but then again…anything smothered in tomato sauce and cheese is sure to be a hit with me.


Shortly after giving up grains and legumes, I realized that this meant having to give up one of my favorite things to eat: hummus. Then I remembered hummus’s kid brother who everyone thinks is annoying: baba ghanoush.

I’d tried it years ago and decided i hated it. But then i realized that I had also hated hummus when I first tried it. Then I forgot about hummus for a while. Then I acquired a ton of eggplant and had nothing to do with them. So I decided to go ahead and try to make my own baba ghanoush.


I used this recipe except I added salt, about a 1 1/2 tsp of cumin, a tbsp of dried parsley, and probably two more cloves of garlic. Because…why not. Garlic is always great.


How do you think it turned out? It was delicious, obviously. Maybe it was the garlic that I added or maybe it was just the fact that I made it myself but I would eat that over hummus any day.

cooked eggplant

Bad, bad oils

Now that I’ve been adding some grains and legumes back into my diet (mostly rice and lentils), I’ve considered buying those prepackaged things of hummus from the store but of course as usual, I have to read the ingredients first.

Turns out, they make that stuff with industrial seed oil. One of the most popular brands of hummus uses soybean oil instead of olive oil and my favorite brand lists: oil (olive and canola) in the ingredients. I’m not really into hummus made with oil that isn’t olive oil so I think from now on I’ll stick to the baba ghanoush or maybe make my own hummus. For now, the baba ghanoush is just fine.


I’m sure you’re wondering what I ate the baba ghanoush with, since normally it’s eaten with bread and bread isn’t really my thing. Vegetables like cucumbers, celery, and peppers make a great subsitution for bread or chips when it comes to hummus/baba ghanoush (even salsa!). You should definitely give it a try some time!

Do you love hummus? Have you ever tried baba ghanoush or making your own hummus? How’d it go? Let me know in the comments!

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