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Let’s Chat

You know that voice in your head constantly?

The one always telling you you’re not good enough or that everything you do is dumb? It’d be great if we could get rid of it, right?

That’s why I was so intrigued when my favorite pastor, Steven Furtick, released a book called, Crash the Chatterbox*.

Pastor Steven calls this voice The Chatterbox and his book focuses on “Hearing God’s voice above all the others”.

Get rid of this stupid negative voice inside my head? Yes please! I immediately got my hands on the book and started reading. When I finished the book, I felt I had a better understanding of that pesky voice in my head and, without giving away too much of the content, let me tell you a bit about it!

Crash the Chatterbox is broken up into four sections, each focuses on a promise God has made.

God says I am

This first section emphasizes seeing yourself the way God sees you.

Pastor Steven talks about realizing that God doesn’t see a failure when he looks at us, because His son died for us and took care of all of that. Instead of seeing our shortcomings, He sees his perfect son.

Among other things, I really enjoyed the portion about how we need to stop imagining how others see us because it’s not important and they’re probably too busy listening to their own chatterbox to think about you.

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God says He will

This section is on fears.

One of my favorite parts was when Pastor Steven writes about risks and how a lot of us will never fully experience the life we’re meant for because we’re too afraid to risk losing what we have.

The point is not to disregard all fear but to help ourselves overcome by remembering what God promised.

God says He can

This is where things started to get pretty good. This portion of the book emphasizes the chatter of condemnation and how the devil uses partial truths to get us to condemn ourselves.

Pastor Steven has us focus on the truth to overcome that condemnation. Not only that, but we should also remember what God has done to make up for what we can never be.

One part I found super interesting was when he mentions the Three P’s of Negative Thinking.

These are:

  • Personal
  • Permanent
  • Pervasive

Meaning that the worst negative thoughts are personal attacks that we make permanent and they pervade every part of our being.

He gives some great examples that you’ll have to read in the book. The main point being, if we aren’t careful the lies of condemnation will take over and convince us that change is unlikely or impossible.

God says I can

This was probably the most surprising section of the book and yet, the most necessary. Without this section, there’s a disconnect…and it would have ended up being one of those peppy, “God takes care of everything! No worries! messages.

Don’t get me wrong, those are great. But sometimes it seems like God doesn’t take care of everything. And then what?

Pastor Steven talks about the gap between what we expect from God and what we experience.

You know, how God promises us that he’ll take care of us and we’ll have fulfilling lives if we do His will and then we go do what we think He wanted and someone we love gets sick or dies.

There are so many quotes from this section I want to share but I’d end up just typing out the entire chapter if I shared them all. Here’s one part that impacted me:

“If God always met our expectations, He’d never be able to exceed them. Sometimes God takes us to another level by building higher. Sometimes he does it by digging deeper. But at all times He is working for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his Purpose.”

Obviously, Pastor doesn’t give us all the answers but he does help put things into perspective by…well…talking about perspective.

“‘I’m not being grumpy or pessimistic. I’m just keeping it real.’
‘I’m not complaining. I’m just calling it like I see it.’
But people armed with a spirit of gratitude know that often it is what you call it.

In times of struggle, it’s important to make sure we keep our attitude in check because it can have a huge impact on your experiences. And God says you can.

Photo of Crash the Chatterbox Book

Would I recommend it?

Well, duh. The reason this review is so vague is because I want you to read it. Don’t get me wrong. The book doesn’t give you the cure to rid yourself of negative thoughts, because as Pastor Steven says,

“The chatterbox will not stop talking. It never, ever, ever stops.

However, it does give you some useful tools to fight against that voice when it starts nagging you. I would highly recommend anyone with a brain give this book* a read. If I can’t convince you, maybe this final quote from the book will:

“God hasn’t brought you this far just to win a few battles. God hasn’t brought you this far just to feel a little bit better about managing your life. God didn’t save you to just get by, to just exist, to barely make it through the day. He wants you to experience the total victory of hearing His voice above all the others.

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While I received a free book in exchange for a review, the opinions in this post are entirely my own.

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