Simplify: Swanson Health Products 45th Anniversary Giveaway [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]

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Do You Take Vitamins or Supplements?

Typically, I don’t. I usually try to get my nutrients through the food I eat. For a while I was really against vitamins and supplements. I changed my tune after realizing that sometimes no matter how healthfully you eat, you might still be lacking in some vital nutrients.

I went to a nearby health store and spent a good 45 minutes staring at the walls and walls of different supplements. It was overwhelming.

I was standing in the store, trying to look up things on my phone and read labels at the same time and it was just a mess.

45th Anniversary LogoA couple weeks later, I was surprised to receive an email from Swanson Health Products asking if I wanted to help them promote their 45th anniversary celebration.

I was skeptical at first.

An internet company that sells health products? Seems sketch.

Then, like any good human, I did some research.

After reading their extensive bio and browsing their site I decided they were legit and I definitely wanted to try some of their products.

I bought two supplements. And a ton of tea. Because I love tea. I haven’t tried one of the supplements yet because I wanted to test them one at a time to see if I feel any difference. I can’t say I’ve noticed anything but I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks so, who knows.
Swanson Health Items
The tea is delicious. I actually also bought a ginger tea but I drank that all before I could take the photo. Woops.

One thing I really liked abouttheir site was that they offer products they make themselves and products from other health companies. I ordered only their products because I wanted to see what they were like, but it seems like a great resource for health products regardless of which brand you prefer.

The great thing about their name brand stuff is that it’s considerably cheaper than other brands. And I’m always into saving money.

So do you want to check out Swanson Health Products?

Luckily for you, Swanson Health has offered to give one of my lucky readers a $45 gift card to their store. All you have to do is enter the contest using the widget below.

The giveaway begins on July 21st MT and ends on July 27th at 5:00 p.m. MT. Good luck!!

One More Thing

Swanson health is having an even bigger giveaway on their site.

Swanson Health Giveaway Info

Click that image or click here for more info.

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  • Debbie

    I buy from them all the time, they have great promo’s and prices!!! I usually get my joint supplement from them and Lutein. They have excellent products.

    • Nice! Yeah, their prices are great. Good to hear other people buy from them!

  • katy

    I would buy the Quest Protein Bars!

    • I’ve never tried those but I always hear about how delicious they are!

  • Elena

    I would get the Artisana 100% Organic Raw Cashew Butter

  • I LOVE the banner you made! Thanks again for working with us. Can’t wait to email your winner. 🙂

    • Thank you!! I’m so excited to be hosting this giveaway.

  • Anel

    I have never ordered from them, but I know they have great prices on items because I went on their website to research essential oils- the item I would buy if I won. I would also try out a new nut butter! Thanks!

    • Awesome! I actually forgot to mention in the post that I got some tea tree oil from them, it’s great!

  • I’ve never ordered from them. I would like to buy Biotin.

  • Bianca Rogoveanu
    Never ordered from them but i would buy some multivitamins and the Thyroid essentials as well !

  • Dandi D

    I would like to buy some flax seed or almond butter.

  • Evelyn

    I bought flaxseed! So good for you!

  • I have ordered from Swansons’s I love them! Quick Delivery and a cheap flat rate shipping $4.99! I bought Whey Protein powder and Glucomannan and I would do it again!

    • Agreed! I’m definitely going to order from them, again.

  • Jenna O

    I would buy peanut butter!

  • sarah gillespie

    I would get the biotin and some flaxseed. I love adding flax to my smoothies and biotin has been part of my daily regimine for as long as i can remember. Thank you SO much for hosting this and the chance to win!

    • I was wondering what everyone was doing with all this flax seed. That’s a good idea! Thanks for entering!

  • i would get Swanson Premium High Potency Vitamin D-3

  • I’ve never ordered from them,But i want peanut butter

  • Angela W.

    I have ordered a few times from them. Love them! Great prices and fast shipping. I also love there brand of vitamins and products!

  • I have never ordered from them. But I would get some of their raw nuts, like the Brazil nuts!

  • Amanda

    I would love to try their coconut oil! I also would get some multi vitamins and some mother’s milk tea because I just had a baby!