Equally….wait a minute…

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…

  1. It’s YOKED, idiot.
  2. This blog isn’t about dating?

To which I say, I KNOWWWWW! It’s a play on words cause this blog is about food…get it?

But The Bible Says…

And yes…2 Corinthians 6:14 does talk about being (un)equally yoked with unbelievers in terms of relationships. HOWEVER, as with a lot of lessons in the Bible, I really don’t think the idea of being equally yoked is mutually exclusive to relationships.

“Yoke” refers to the binding of two animals together for farming or…plowing? The animals would be unequally yoked if one was very powerful and large (perhaps an oxen?) and the other it were joined to, were smaller and weaker (donkey?). You obviously don’t want to do this because the larger one will be doing most of the work. What’s the point of even joining it in the first place?

So…this has to do with physical health, how?

Now, let’s forget about farming and apply this principle to our own health. We have our spiritual health and our physical health. They feed off of one another. If you’re feeling physically drained and weak, do you want to study your Bible or maybe wake up at 8am on a Sunday to go to church? If you’re anything like me, the answer to that is NOPE. Hence, our spiritual health should be equally yoked with our physical health.

SEE?! It totally makes sense. Just because it’s mentioned once in the Bible in a verse about relationships doesn’t mean it’s not a principal we can’t apply to other areas of life.

I think you’ll find that I’ll be doing a lot of that in this blog. Taking one lesson from the Bible and applying it to physical health. Hopefully this will be helpful to you in your journey to become a more conscious eater and healthy person all together!

Let’s do this.

In this blog I will be focusing on finding the strength in Christ to become more physically healthy through:

  • Eating Healthily
  • Being Active
  • Learning About Food
  • Looking at Bible stories and applying them to physical health
  • And I’m sure there will be much more!

This is going to be a journey for me as much as it will be a journey for you. I’ve never written a blog like this before and I’m excited to see what it will become and to see some people become healthier. I hope you are too! If not, maybe you’ll at least be entertained a little bit.

I think I’ve explained enough about this blog. Check back next week for an actual post so we can get started on your journey to being healthier! In the meantime…

Stay Healthy!

Not a Christian? These principles still apply! Being physically healthy is shown to improve all areas of life including: mood, sleep, and brain function. Focus on physical health equally with mental health.

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  • Danielle Bingham

    Very cool! Congrats on your new blog.
    I’m very proud!! 🙂

    • admin

      Haha, thanks mom. You better be reading every week.

  • Very cool great job..

  • you should’ve used helvetica…

    i like this concept a lot. good luck

    • Thanks.
      I’m actually thinking about switching over to papyrus.