How One Kid Slayed a Giant

But It’s Hard…

Fine, I realize that this whole, “being healthy” thing isn’t so easy. But I know that with God, you can do it. How do I know that? Well obviously because with God, anything is possible. (Matthew 19:26) I can think of more than a few occasions in the bible where someone did something incredible with the help of God.

You guys know the story of David and Goliath, right?

In 1 Samuel 17, Israel (God’s people) is gearing up to fight the Philistines. The Israelites are on one mountain and the Philistines are on another mountain with a valley in between. Suddenly, this guy who is almost ten feet tall comes out of the crowd of the Philistines. This guy is no joke. I mean, TEN feet tall?! And on top of that, he’s wearing some crazy armor made out of bronze that weighs 125 pounds. I know some people who don’t even weigh that much and this guy is wearing armor that’s that heavy like it’s nobody’s business.

Oh, and did I mention he’s carrying a 17 pound beam with a 15 pound spear on the end of it? He might as well have uprooted a tree and sharpened it. (Okay, maybe nothing that drastic but I’m pretty sure most people would have a problem wielding a spear that heavy.) BUT, that’s not all, he’s also being protected buy another guy carrying a shield.

Clearly, this guy isn’t going down easily.

So, Goliath is standing there and he says,

“Hey Israel, you know what? Just find one guy who can kill me and all of the Philistines will become your slaves. That’s it. Just me. He doesn’t have to fight anyone else. If he can kill me, it’s over for us. BUT, if he can’t, well then…it’s over for you. You’re our slaves. Suckers.” Okay…I added that last part.

When someone says to you, “You should clean up your diet.” “You gotta stop eating all of that junk.” “You need to start exercising.” It can seem like such a simple task. But then you start to think about it and it starts to look more and more like Goliath. Towering over you with a huge freaking spear and bronze armor.

You know what Israel did after Goliath gave this challenge? They peed their pants.

Okay, they didn’t actually pee their pants but they were terrified. They thought there was no way they could find anyone to defeat this guy. So they didn’t take Goliath up on his offer for forty days. They just avoided the situation. For forty days Goliath came out in the morning and in the evening and challenged Israel. For forty days they knew something had to be done, but no one took him up on his offer.

Are you doing the same thing with your physical health? You know something needs to be done. You know you aren’t where you should be but it seems like such a daunting task you can’t even bear to face it nor do you know where to start.


Maybe David can help you out.

David was the youngest son in his family. His three older brothers had gone with Saul to the battle but David stayed behind to take care of his father’s flock. One day, David goes to deliver his brothers some food, completely oblivious to the challenge they had been facing. As he’s chatting with his brothers, Goliath comes out to challenge Israel. Again, everyone is terrified and scatters.

David’s standing there saying,

“Wait, what’s going on here? …so you guys are telling me this guy is challenging the armies of the LIVING GOD?!”

So David starts asking around about this challenge. One of his brothers hears him and tells him to stop being a gawker and to go back to the flock. But David doesn’t shut up. He keeps asking around, finally word gets to Saul that David’s being nosey and he sends for him.

So then, Saul’s all,

“Listen kid…what do you want?”

and David’s all,

“I’ll fight that guy.”

I’m sure at this point Saul just laughs. He tells David he’s just a kid and this guy has been a warrior since before David’s time. But David wasn’t having it. He says,

“Listen, I fought a bear AND a lion. And guess what? Killed them both. If God can deliver me from lions and bears, I’m pretty sure he can handle this guy.”

On your road to becoming more healthy, you’re going to face a lot of doubts. Some probably coming from yourself and some coming from other people around you. Maybe you think you don’t have the willpower to turn down junk food or the discipline to be active on a daily basis. Maybe everyone in your house eats junk and you know they’re not going to be happy when you tell them you don’t want to eat that crap anymore. Maybe you think you just don’t have enough time to worry about what you’re eating. But here’s the good news, if God can help a scrawny kid kill a giant, he can definitely help you become more physically healthy.


Get Ready For Battle

I guess Saul was finally convinced because he gave David some armor, a helmet, and a sword. David tries to walk around with all this gear but has a hard time. He’s not a soldier, he’s never worn this crap before. He says, “Hey, actually…I’m no good with this stuff so I’m just gonna….” he takes off the armor, puts down the sword, picks up five rocks, and approaches Goliath. By now, I’m sure everyone assumes he’s as good as dead.

Are you making things more complicated than they need to be? Trying to put on a bunch of unnecessary armor that’s just making things worse? When we think about eating healthily we think about “heart healthy!” cereals, vitamins, supplements, complex carbs, healthy fats and we get completely overwhelmed because well, we’re not scientists and we really have no idea about all that nonsense. Stop it! Humans have survived for thousands of years without scientists or a federal department telling them what they’re supposed to eat and how much of it. Keep things simple when cleaning up your diet. Focus on real, whole foods like vegetables, high quality meats, nuts, seeds, and fruits.

It’s On Like Donkey Kong

Goliath sees David and walks up to him, looks him up and down and says,

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. Seriously, that’s your weapon? A stick? What am I, a dog? This is a joke. Cuss you David, cuss you.”

So David looks at him and says,

“I see you with your fancy weapons but I have a weapon you can’t see and that’s God. You’ve been taunting him and he’s kinda pissed. Sorry but, it looks like I’m gonna have to kill you.”

They run at each other, David gets one of his rocks, hits Goliath right in the forehead and BAM. He drops dead. David stands over Goliath, picks up Goliath’s sword and cuts off his head. The Philistine’s freak out and leave.

Yaaayyy. God wins again.

It may seem like you have no chance when coming up against this challenge of cleaning up your diet, but when you use God as your weapon, he will bring you to victory. He wants you to be healthy so you will have the energy and strength to serve others and him.

David was victorious because:

  1. He knew that with God, he could do anything.
  2. He didn’t listen to the naysayers.
  3. He kept things simple.

That Could Be You

As you work on cleaning up your diet, remember to look to God for the strength you need. What’s one thing that is really stopping you from becoming more physically healthy and how will you use the story of David and Goliath to help you through it?

Personally, I have a cold right now and I’m being a huge baby about it. I’m going to ask God to help me be more positive about it so that I won’t focus on how crappy I feel and let it affect my mood and how I act toward others.

Stay Healthy!


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