What Do You Eat?! Vol. 18 – Alysia Had a Little Lamb


Do lambs say baaa…or is that only sheep? Wait, what’s the difference? Oh, they’re the same animal. Lambs are just baby sheep. How embarrassing.

Anyway, remember that one time when I didn’t like lamb? Yeah, me too. How silly. I decided I like lamb now. And luckily for me, some other people I’m related to like lamb as well. And they like buying whole lambs. And giving me free meat. Which is awesome. Because…free meat.

So now I have all this lamb meat. What to do with it? Good question.

The cuts of meat I have right now are lamb shoulder, lamb steaks, and ground lamb. Well. I know what to do with ground lamb so I figured why not try the shoulder. Something new.

So, what do I do? Obviously I googled, “lamb shoulder recipe paleo” because i like my food to be grain and refined sugar free. Luckily, the internet is great and I found this super easy recipe that took me about five minutes to prepare.


Aren’t slow cookers the best thing ever? I’m cooking a butternut squash in my slow cooker right now…and I’m not even at my house. Speaking of squash…isn’t squash great? Yeah, it is.

in pot

I just threw everything into the slow cooker and let it cook over night. When I woke up in the morning it was all ready to go and be eaten for my dinner.


What are you supposed to eat with lamb? Maybe I should have googled that one. But I already had plenty of other food so I just ate it with a sweet potato and some cucumbers. I am really going to miss having so much fresh produce around when winter returns.

plated lamb

Of course, it was delicious. And so easy. Have you ever had lamb shoulder? If so, how did you cook it? Or do you have any delicious lamb recipes? Let me know in the comments! I need some inspiration for the rest of the meat.

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