The main reason I started this blog was absolutely to motivate people to make healthier choices whether it be in their physical or spiritual life. That being said, if there are ways for me to make some money off of this to offset the cost of running the blog (web hosting, time spent writing posts, etc.) I fully intend to take advantage of it.

I promise to never endorse something I disagree with or recommend something counter to my beliefs just to make a profit. If it seems like I am doing so, I totally support you calling me out on it and holding me accountable. I do plan on using google ad sense for advertisements which doesn’t allow me to choose the ads, so I can’t control that. But I will never post and endorse something intentionally if it isn’t something I believe to be beneficial or in line with my beliefs.

I hope you understand my reasoning for using advertisements and if anything about it seems shady, by all means, let me know. And now…for the disclosure…

Please assume that for any product, recommendation, or link that I use,

writer got fed
writer got gadgets
Writer got paid
Writer got schwag