Abraham and Sarah and their Future Son

Let’s Take A Trip Back

Way, way, way back… to Genesis 18. What could possibly be in Genesis that can help you on your journey to physical health? Why, the story of Abraham and Sarah, of course! Well…not the entire story, but the part I want to talk about.
Back in bible times it was super important to have a son to carry on your family’s name. Which is why it was kind of a huge deal that Abraham’s wife, Sarah, couldn’t have children. She probably felt like a failure as a woman and a wife. Because she couldn’t have children, Abraham had a child with the maid instead. This must have been horrible for Sarah. I can’t even imagine.

Anyway, one day three men come to Abraham and Sarah’s tent. Abraham is outside the tent with the men being all hospitable, feeding them milk and meat (grass-fed, organic I’m sure) and Sarah is inside the tent making bread (don’t worry, they weren’t using dwarf wheat so it wasn’t nearly as unhealthy as modern bread).

Abraham and the men are outside the tent talking and Sarah hears one of them saying she’s going to have a son. Sarah hears this and laughs to herself because, HELLO?!? didn’t they hear? She’s barren. Duh. Plus, she’s like…super old. Everyone knows barren ladies don’t have kids and barren old ladies DEFINITELY don’t have kids.

Then she gets a little snotty. She’s all, “Oh…so now that I’m old I get to have the pleasure of having a child? K. Cool, God. Real cool.”

But she’s just thinking this in her head so she doesn’t think it matters. Don’t worry, though. God totally calls her out. He’s like, “Um…Abraham…does your wife think anything is too hard for me? Please. You’ll have a son this time next year.”

Somebody’s Gotta Do It

I am so sick of hearing people complain about not being able to do something. Most of the complaints I hear are health related because people see me eating salad every day at work or avoiding the office sweets…which makes them want to talk to me about how lucky I am that I don’t have their health issues.

Yes, some people are more fortunate than others when it comes to health issues. Sarah wasn’t able to have children most of her life but her maid had no problem with it. Some people have more efficient fat cells than others. Some people are born with diseases that make their life harder. But sitting around complaining about it and saying, “Well, that’s life.” isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Stop putting yourself down, focus on what you can do, and go from there.

Think you’re too old? You’re not. Read about this 101 year old man who just recently retired from running marathons.

Think you’re too unhealthy? Put down that ice cream cone and do something about it. Read about how you can clean up your diet, take it one step at a time, and you’ll be there in no time!

Think you don’t have time? Maybe you haven’t got your priorities straight or maybe you just need to focus on more healthy activities that are less time consuming.

If you think you can’t do something, you probably can’t. But I know someone who can. God, duh. My favorite bible verse, which I’m certain I’ve mentioned before, is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

If God can help an old, barren woman have a son, I’m pretty sure he can help you become physically healthy.

delete key

Admit It

After God calls out Sarah for laughing, she denies it! I’m sure she’s embarrassed because she didn’t think anyone could hear her. But of course, God responds with, “Girl, who are you trying to kid? You laughed.”

A lot of times it’s easier to lie than face reality. When there’s something really awful I want to eat like a cookie the size of my head, I’ll force myself to not read the ingredients so I can convince myself that it’s not that bad and isn’t full of high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oils. Of course, ignoring the ingredients doesn’t make them any different. I’m still eating junk.

A lot of us go through life denying the fact that we’re not the best version of ourselves. Maybe because we don’t know what to do about it or we’re afraid that if we try to do something about it, we’ll just fail anyway.

You’re not fooling anyone. And if you are, you certainly aren’t fooling God and let’s be honest…he’s the only one who matters.

If you’re anything like me and most of society, you haven’t been very health conscious for most of your life. Admit to yourself that you need to do something about it and accept that you’re going to have a long road ahead of you but in the end, you’ll wonder how you ever lived the way you do now.
Stop Sign

Stop It

Ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll probably tell you I’m pretty negative. Seriously, I’m pretty sure half the people who read my post about turning a negative into a positive thought someone had hijacked my blog or that I had hired a ghostwriter. Nope, all me.

I’m working on it. I know that if I:

  • Stop Negative Self-Talk
  • Stop Doubting God
  • Admit to Myself I’ve Been Doing the Above Two Things

I will have a much easier time becoming more physically and spiritually healthy.

Don’t you think? Are you doing any of these things or do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comments!!

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  • Carol Brown

    Hi Alysia. My name is Carol and I am a friend of your Mom’s. She and I are a part of Team Kensington. I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. Much of what you say, I already “do”, but always enjoy the additional encouragement. I love the way you make your point and back it up. No fluffiness, no sweet-talk, just truth and to the point. Keep up the great work!!!

    • Hi Carol! Thanks so much! It’s good to know someone else is reading this besides my mom, haha. I’ll keep writing as long as you’ll keep reading.